Friends, Media, & Collaborations

Since this year's launch of Heart & Lips, I've had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some amazing bloggers and websites. Here are some of the new friends made along the way...


Rachel Nordgren
"Taneka and I connected earlier this year, and her sincerity and kindness has just blown me away."

Takisha Nesbitt
"I want you all to meet this beautiful woman and share her gift with you."

Rooted In Salt
"I see this beautiful print everyday and I am reminded of how deeply rooted God’s love is in our hearts, and how through Him we can all be olive trees when we trust in His unfailing love."

Livin' and Lovin'
"Words of Affirmation is my love language. I love when people say nice things to me, but I love even more having visual reminders up where I can see them."

In Its Time
"Not only are her prints gorgeous (hello, gold!), but they've also got messages that I need to be reminded of on a daily basis."

Forever Ashley
"Once I arrived on her site and I realized how fully faith-based Heart & Lips is I knew I was going to want to share this business with you."

GLOW: Live As Light
"When Taneka from Heart and Lips reached out to us a couple of weeks ago, we knew she would be the perfect fit for GLOW."